Whip of Pain (Necromancy) Sphere: Combat, Necromantic Range: 0 Components: V, S, M Duration: 1 round/level Casting Time: 6 Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: Special This spell creates a whiplike, flexible line of force emanating from the fin- gertips of the caster’s hand (or, if lacking a hand, from the end of whatever is left of the caster’s arm). This crackling, coiling line of purple sparks is wielded as a whip and uses its caster’s THAC0 to attack. It strikes opponents up to 10 feet distant. The whip of pain functions as a +2 magical weapon for purposes of which creatures it is able to affect. When the wielder successfully strikes a target, the whip makes a loud snapping sound, and the target must make a saving throw vs. spell and a Constitution ability check. If the saving throw fails, the victim suffers 4d4 points of damage; if it succeeds, the victim suffers only half damage. If the ability check succeeds, the target feels only enough pain to suffer a -1 penalty to his or her very next attack roll. If it falls, the target is wracked by pain on the remainder of the current and all of the next round. This lowers his or her Armor Class by 1, places a -2 penalty on attack rolls, and makes it im- possible for the victim to concentrate enough to cast any spells. The whip of pain fades away when the spell expires, is dispelled, the caster wills it to, the caster falls unconscious, or the caster commences any other spellcasting. The wielder can trigger magical items like wands with his or her other hand without ending this spell. The material components of this spell are a drop of unholy water and one of the caster’s hairs.