Sacred Strike (Necromancy) Level: 4 Sphere: Range: Components: Duration: Casting Time: Area of Effect: Saving Throw: Combat, Necromantic 0 V, S M 7 rounds +1 round/3 levels above 11th (round down) 7 One of the caster’s hands Special This spell creates a whiplike, flexible line of force emanating from any of the caster’s hands (once a focal point is chosen, it cannot be changed). This crackling line of purple sparks can be wielded like a whip, striking with the caster’s THAC0 at opponents up to 10 feet away. Though it receives no attack bonuses, is considered a +2 magical weapon when deter- mining what it can hit. A sacred strike “whip” is always silent. Any living being successfully struck must save vs. spell and make a Constitution ability check. If both succeed, the victim suffers only 1 point of damage, and enough pain to force a -1 penalty on the first attack roll (or ability check roll, if forced prior to an attack) during the next round. (If the victim makes neither during that round, the pain passes without additional effect.) If the saving throw fails, the victim takes 4d4 points of damage, and the caster of the sacred strike automatically gains half of the points as healing energy. (If the caster is not wounded at the time, no extra points are added, nor can they be “saved” to offset damage that may occur during future rounds.) If the ability check fails, the victim is wracked with pain for the rest of the round and the entire subsequent round. During this period, the victim attacks at a -2 penalty, his Armor Class is reduced by a -1 penalty, and he is unable to concentrate enough to cast any spells. Undead targets hit by a sacred strike are unaffected by its pain effects and take normal damage (4d4 points of damage), but 2d4 points of the unlife energy are also inflicted on the wielder of the whip (causing most living casters damage). A sacred strike ends when the spell expires, when its caster casts another spell (magical items can be triggered with the caster’s free hand without affecting the sacred strike), the caster wills it, or the caster falls unconscious. The material components of a sacred strike spell are two drops of unholy water and one of the caster’s hairs.