These vulture-men are an offshoot of the Aearee-Krocaa. The vulchlings are raptors with features similar to vultures, buzzards and condors. They have brown to black plumage, but lack feathers about their heads and necks. Vulchlings in the modern era are a debased and barbaric semblance of their Aearee forebears. During the Days of Thunder, the vulchlings played an important role, comprising a caste of “untouchables” who were charged with, among other tasks, the disposition of the dead and the ministration of funerary rites.

Of all the Aearee, the vulchlings suffered most under servitude to Sarrukh and Batrachi slave-masters, relegated to the most unseemly of tasks. Vulchlings were responsible for those duties involving ritual taint, including working with leather and hides, tending to the sick, and cleaning those areas where waste and refuse accumulated. The Batrachi were particularly cruel to the vulchlings, taking perverse delight in feeding their vulchling slaves only carrion, and the decaying corpses of fellow thralls.

Even after the Aearee had gained their freedom, the perception of vulchlings as untouchable persisted due to their unusual dietary and sanitation propensities. However, in the wake of the Tearfall, the vulchlings were afforded a newfound respect by their Aearee brethren as the keepers of the rituals and sacraments surrounding death. The clergy of Phraarkiloorm were drawn almost entirely (although not exclusively) from the vulchling caste.

As a natural consequence of their biology, vulchlings are highly resistant to disease and toxins, especially those associated with putrefaction. The vulture-headed god Phraarkiloorm held the portfolios of disease and poison and so the Aearee prayed to him for protection and healing from venom and illness. Vulchling clerics were thus respected as puissant healers.

Conversely, vulchlings who pursued the arcane arts were often drawn to necromancy, and so the most infamous necromancers of the Aearee were counted among the vulchings.

Vulchlings were also known as consummate warriors, and many found success as Raptor Knights, an elite holy order of paladins and avengers in service to Phraarkiloorm. After the Tearfall, Phraarkiloorm’s Raptor Knights harried their former Batrachi masters with terrifying zeal, hunting the surviving Batrachi to near extinction--falling short of complete success, though, as Batrachi descendants yet thrive in the hidden places of Faerûn among the swamps and jungles, numbering the grippli, bullywugs and sivs among their progeny.

Vulchlings today are drawn to forgotten crypts and burial places. Vulchlings prosper in Mulhorand, among the many necropolises, and were respected caretakers of the City of the Dead. They can be found in Shoonach and small communities of them are thriving in Thay. They can be found among the crypts of Luskan and Waterdeep, or any city that has a cemetery large enough for them to dwell there in secret. Vulchlings also lair in sewers and are very comfortable in the underdark, especially among ancient catacombs.

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