Trickle Sword: +2 longsword of wounding. Anyone struck by this sword is marked, and for 2d4 hours, a magical trail of blood is left behidn. This trail of blood is slight, but for anyone holding the sword, it appears to glow, (DC 10 track roll). The trail remains for 1 week. If the creature closes the wounds (heal check, cure spells), the effect ceases. The blood trail is magical in nature and cannot be wiped out by any means. However, it is only visible somewhere blod would normally stick. So no tracking thru a stream, or in midair.Pass without trace cancels the trickle effect for the duration of the spell, and dispel magic can be used to either stop the effect, or obliterate the trail.

Caster level 11th Prereq: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, locate creature. Market Price: 16315