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Ninth-Level Spell: Time Conduit

(Alteration, Chronomancy)

Range: 30

feet Components: V, S, M

Duration: Special Casting Time: 1 turn

Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None

Upon casting this spell, a shimmering, golden portal appears

somewhere within 30 feet of the caster (though the caster

has no control over where the portal appears). This golden

disk appears upon the fourth round of casting, and it grows,

expanding as if it were an opening eye until it reaches it's maximum diameter. At the completion of the casting, the 10-

foot circular opening goes translucent as the golden light of

its edges dissipates back inside its radius, making the portal

suddenly seem to lead into a long tunnel filled with electric

silver-and-blue flashes of light. Creatures that gaze into the

opening for more than one round see quick glimpses of their

pasts cascading along the walls of the tunnel, but no memo-

ries or revisited scenes cause any damage. The portal re-

mains for one round per level of the wizard or until the

wizard enters the


whichever occurs first.

During the casting, the wizard names the age and year that

the time conduit is to transport those who enter it. For ex-

ample, a wizard who wanted to visit Netheril around the time

of the birth of Karsus would state: The conduit shall exit

during the Shadowed Age of Netheril in the year 3163 in

Netheril Years. Bear in mind that the phrasing or the choice

of calendar is less important than the wizards focus on and

knowledge of the time he wishes to visit and his calculating

of the years between his time and the one he wishes to visit.

The same time could be reached with these phrases: The conduit shall exit during the Fifth Rysar of Cor-

manthor in the 14th winter of the Coronal Tannivh

(travel to old elven realms);

 The conduit shall exit during the Fourth Age of Cal-

imshan in the 72nd year of the rule of the Pasha Vydraq

(travel to ancient Calimshan); or

 The conduit shall exit during the 696th year before the

advent of Dalereckoning (travel back 2,000 years with-

out focus on geographic destination).

Creatures entering the time conduit are immediately

stripped of all magical items and memorized spells and psion-

ics, though the psionics return at the standard rate of restora-

tion. Spell books and scrolls remain intact in function, though

they are slightly altered (see below). Items that do not yet

exist among the culture specified within the casting or among

the race to which the caster belongs (if a culture was not

chosen by the caster by the use of its calendar) also disap-

pear; for example, plate armor disappears from all folk but

dwarves and elves, while arquebuses vanish from all folks

grasp. (Refer to the Equipment section at the end of this

chapter for more details on technology shifts across time.)

All appropriated items are shunted into subdimensional

pockets within the

time conduit

itself, and all of these are re-

turned to the proper time travelers upon the voyage home.

This return trip likewise strips travelers of items they collect

during their stay in the past and stores them within the


conduit; where these items go after the conclusion of the

spell is unknown, though many wizards believe any time-lost

items simply drift into the Ethereal Plane.

Spells that do not exist for the casters race in the now-cur-

rent year appear as blank pages in a casters spell book.

Scrolls for spells or effects that do not yet exist are also

blank. These blank pages are restored to normal upon reach-

ing the casters own time or a point in time where the spells

exist for the casters race (by being created during the year

they currently inhabit).

There is never a way to determine the precise physical des-

tination when using a time conduit spell. The only thing for

certain is that the time travelers appear somewhere in the

lands of the culture they seek. Travelers seeking Netheril

might arrive in the Netherese city of Thiefsward, while those

seeking contemporary Cormanthyr could exit on the shores

of Lake Sember in the same year. Depending on the concen-

tration and focus of the caster, a

time conduit

generally lands

its travelers within 100 miles of areas claimed by the chosen

culture. If no culture is specifically sought, the PCs could exit

the time conduit at the chosen time, but they could arrive

anywhere within 500 miles of their physical location where

the time conduit is cast.

Time travelers always arrive during the early hours of the

first day of the new year, and they always return to their own

original times during the final night of the year. The arrival

and return magic of the conduit focus on these days as they

correspond to when mystical energies and the potent magics

tied to time are at their greatest on Toril. Nothing can prevent

a time traveler from being drawn back into the time conduit

at the close of the year, not even spells that negate magic or

shield against its effects. Creatures return to their own time 30

days after they entered the time conduit originally, though

they have physically aged one year due to their time trip.

Time travelers also cannot physically exist in two places at

once within the same timeline. Therefore, once a creature

has traveled back to a particular year (no matter where on

Toril he was geographically), he can never visit that particu-

lar year again. Any attempt to do so fails utterly, and the

caster (or a traveler who has visited the conduits exiting

point in time) is hurled 1d100 years and 10d100 miles to a

random time and place in Torils past.

The material components for this spell are three scales

from three different aligned ancient dragons (one from each),

the dust from a slain time elemental, soil or stones from the

land that is the

time conduits

destination, and knowledge of

the age and time to be visited. The physical components are

consumed during the casting, though the knowledge of the

realm remains.

DMs Note: This spell is an extraordinarily rare and difficult

spell to obtain, let alone master. Lifelong campaigns could be

run by mages seeking such a spell, whether by acquisition

from another wizard or researching the magic themselves.

While it is certainly possible that the spell could be placed on

a scroll in a long-lost tomb, it is more likely that the few upon

the Realms who know the time conduit spell must be ap-

proached and wooed by the seeking wizard. Major campaign

NPCs such as the lich Larloch, the wizards among Mystras

Chosen, the Magister or agents of Azuth, and others might

trade the knowledge of this spell for such costs as a favor in

the future,

 a small errand, or the payment of a valuable

possession of the character (from another equally rare spell

of equivalent rank to items or worldly possessions such as

real estate). Many of the folk who might have access to this

spell are also quite particular over whom would learn it, and

many who finally discover the NPC with the knowledge they

covet also find she has no desire to grant it to the PC. This sit- uation can only be handled through roleplaying, though be

warned: Once the Simbul makes her mind up, youll have

better luck finding a tanarri priest of Tyr than changing her

mind. . . .