The 74th layer, a realm of ever-shifting colors, is a radiant emerald jungle of heat, acid rain, and fermenting poisons. The jungle floor is difficult to find, as the forest has as many as seven canopies in places. The jungle is the home of Mershaulk, god of the yaun-ti, as well as many roving tribes of bar-lgura. Merrshaulk slumbers in a vast set of snake-infested pits and caverns, and is uninterested in being roused from his slumber by anything less than a direct threat. Most who intrude on his caverns are simply devoured; the rest survive only because of the power's all-consuming sloth. Ramenos, the god of the bullywugs, also sleeps in a realm within Smaragd, though his resting place is an enormous hollow tree. His tanar'ri followers call him the Sleeping God, and offer him sacrifices by placing them within his perpetually open mouth. Other thant the vipers, boas, pythons, venomous toads, and acidic rains, Smaragd is a relatively quiet and benign layer of the Abyss. Its dangers are passive rather than active.

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