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Enchantment, Invocation)

Level: Wiz or Pr 2
Range: 100 yards
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 turn
Casting Time: 2

Area of Effect: 1 missile/3 levels of the caster, up to a maximum of five

Saving Throw: None

The seeking spell takes the normal laws of momentum and gravity, and then twists them slightly 

in a way that is favorable to the caster of the spell.

   The caster can ensorcel a number of normal, nonenchanted missiles no larger than a javelin, 

equal to one-third his level, to a maximum of five missiles. When they have been enchanted, the

caster may either use them or distribute them to his or her companions.

   When shot or hurled at a target, the missiles unerringly seek the target. They will hit nothing 

else but that target. The missiles can go around objects of corners if the target was visible when

the spell was cast, but the missiles cannot pass through solid obstructions. For example, if the

target closes a door, the missiles slam into the door and cannot be removed until the spell wears


   The normal range can be extended to the distance of the target creature as long as the 

opponent uses only ordinary methods of escape. If the target plane shifts, teleports, blinks, or

uses some other means of instantaneous transport, the missile can no longer home in on its

target. It falls to the ground, useless.

   This spell is not an automatic guarantee of success. Rather, it ensures that archers and slingers,

when firing into melee, will not accidentally hit those who are on their side. This spell is

especially useful for battles or shots in narrow corridors. If the person firing the arrow or bullet

can see the target, he can fire for normal damage without fear of damaging comrades