Schools of magic are categories of spells organizing by general function. Some spellcasters decide to specialize in spells from a certain school. They focus more effort into these spells than any other at the expense of all spells from one or two other schools. These schools of magic have been in existence for longer than anyone cares to remember and no one seems to know who originally came up with them. They also show no signs of being abandoned.

Most schools of magic also have subschools that help define the spells with even more accuracy. The major schools of magic are as follows:

Spells that protect the caster.

Spells that create or transport people, energy or objects.

Spells that allow the caster to see things that they normally wouldn't be able to.

Spells that affect the minds of other creatures.

Spells that create energy out of the raw power of the Weave.

Spells to fool the senses.

Spells that deal with negative energy.

Spells to enhance or change creatures and things.