The sarrukh created almost all of Toril’s reptilian creatures. Each of the major varieties is discussed below.


The lizardfolk of Toril are less tainted by their creators than many other reptilian creatures. They are as fierce and destructive as any of those in the Monster Manual, though, and they are more likely to tend to evil alignment. More than one tribe is ruled by malevolent and even fiendishly corrupted individuals.


Guardians like those in the Monster Manual exist, but all except Terpenzi are natural magical beasts rather than immortal ones. Banelar nagas were created to serve the god Bane and are immortal beings. Many of Toril’s nagas are as evil as their progenitors.


The sarrukh created the troglodytes to explore and guard subterranean realms. Fierce and dullwitted, these creatures quickly became feral without the guidance of their progenitors. They developed a greedy and territorial culture, quickly spreading throughout the Underdark.


The sarrukh shaped yuan-ti in their image, and the yuan-ti in turn learned to shape others. The yuan-ti of [[Faerûn] wield great power and influence, though they are diminished from times past. Their great houses once ruled empires alongside the sarrukh, and now they exist among the ruins of those civilizations. Yuan-ti are an insidious evil in Toril, and when they aren’t abusing and tormenting other creatures to fulfill their desires for domination, they are working on behalf of the sarrukh toward even worse ends.

Other Scaled Ones

The sarrukh are responsible for the existence of numerous other reptilian beasts and creatures with sentience or strange powers, including behemoths, drakes, and mutated serpents.