RECALL TALE Divination [Sonic] Level: 2 (Complex) Casting Time: Standard action Range: Personal Target:You Duration:Instantaneous Saving Throw:None Spell Resistance:No Using magic to part the veils of reality, you conjure up knowledge of a story involving the spell’s focus. For instance, if you concentrate on a specific magic item while you cast recall tale , you gain a story regarding its creation or history— something that might reveal or hint at its power. If you focus on a person, a tale from his or her past comes to you. You cannot ask specific questions, and a focused subject must be an object, a person, or a location. The tale has a 50 percent chance of being relevant to the concerns at hand. If you are touching the focus when you cast the spell, the chance increases to 75 percent. Relevancy depends on the specific circumstances. If you are trying to determine a magic item’s powers, then a relevant tale involves its use or creator’s intent. If you are trying to discern the location of a person, a relevant tale might involve something that hap- pened to the character very recently. DMs should note that they have free rein with the tale that the spell provides. Even a relevant tale does not have to give away everything. A character trying to discover the cur- rent location of someone hiding in a village by the sea might only learn a tale of the person’s encounter with a vendor on the street who mentions fresh seafood, just off the boat. You can cast this spell only once per day on a given focus. Diminished Effects: The tale has only a 25 percent chance of being relevant, 50 percent if you are touching the focus. Heightened Effects: The tale has a 75 percent chance of being relevant, 100 percent if you are touching the focus