Poisoned Egg

School Transmutation
Level cleric 1, Sor/Wiz 1
components V,S,DF
casting time 1 standard action
range Touch
target 1 Egg
duration 1 minute/level
saving throw None (object)
spell resistance No (object)

You transform the contents of a normal egg (such as a chicken egg) into a single dose of small centipede poison (injury save Fort DC 11, frequency 1/rd. for 4 rds., effect 1 Dex, cure 1 save). The poison reverts to a normal egg at the end of the spell (the reverted egg substance is harmless unless the poisoned creature is vulnerable to eggs). The egg may be raw or cooked but must be whole and not empty when you cast the spell.

Careless would-be poisoners who leave egg on their weapons soon find it tends to clog sheaths and eventually begins to smell rotten; in the church, calling someone an “egg boy” is a minor insult suggesting a lack of foresight or regard for consequences.

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