Order of the Moonlit Scroll
Alignment True Neutral

The Order of the Moonlit Scroll was group of historians, sages and loremasters.


The Order of the Moonlit Scroll was founded just weeks after the Standing Stone was erected in the Dalelands. The founding members were all moon elves, though quickly members of any race were allowed to join.

The Order of the Moonlit Scroll quietly did there tasks in the background until 714 MT when the events and chaos of the Year of Doom destroyed the Order. Nearly all the orders members were killed in that year, only a handful survived. The surviving members spent little time trying to rebuild the Order, but instead attempted to save as much lore as possible. One by one they died off, each with little or no contact with each other. The last known member of the Order of the Moonlit Scroll, the moon elf cleric of Labelas Enoreth Telveri MoonScroll, died of natural causes in 733 MT


The Order of the Moonlit Scroll was founded to save knowledge. They were to be the secret safe keepers of lore, information and knowledge. All members were to keep up there normal day to day activities, and do the Orders work at night. This gave rise to the idea of members writing down notes on scrolls late into the night by the moon light, and hence the Order's name.


The Order of the Moonlit Scroll created several Safeholds, protected vaults of lore. Several safeholds were made over the years and each was stocked with lore. The greatest safehold of all, the Moon Vault, was created in 500 MT. The Moon Vault was located on the Moon itself.

Time KeepingEdit

The Order of the Moonlit Scroll started there own method of time keeping, the Moonlit Time. The year of the founding of the Order was year one, and this also was the first year of Dalereckoning.