Necrotic Fortification School (Necromancy) Level: Dread Necromancer 4, Wizard/Sorcerer 4, Cleric 4 Components: V,S,F Casting Time: Standard Target: 1 Target with a Necrotic Cyst Range: Close (25ft +5ft/2 Caster Levels) Duration: 1 Round/Caster Level Saving Throw: Fort Negates (Harmless) Spell Resistance: No

A target's necrotic cyst pulses and spreads inside him, though this ability does not harm the target. In fact the Necrotic Cyst combats other abilities that affect the subject's body and bolster him against damage. The subject gains a +6 Profane Bonus to constitution and a +5 profane bonus of fortitude saves. After this spell ends however the Cyst contracts again damaging the target. The target takes 1 point of damage for every HD the target has.

Focus: The caster must have an enhanced mother cyst.