Loving Pain (Alteration, Necromancy) Level: 5 Sphere: Range: Components: Duration: Casting Time: Area of Effect: Saving Throw: Healing Touch V, S, M Instantaneous 8 The caster or one touched recipient Special This spell is often employed by Loviatan clergy to recover from wounds caused in holy rituals. It heals, but it causes intense pain while doing so, forcing a system shock roll on the recipient, and preventing that being from doing anything but convulsing, crying out, and writhing about uncontrollably for 1d3 rounds (Armor Class is reduced by 3 points and no coherent actions are possible). The healing is instantaneous, restoring 1d8 points of damage, plus 1 point per level of the caster (the caster may use this spell on himself). If the system shock roll succeeds, the spell recipient takes no damage from the intense pain. (Loviatan clergy often twistedly describe it as something they even come to enjoy.) If the roll fails, the recipient falls into unconsciousness and is reduced to 1 hit point. In theory, days of healing could bring the stricken being back to full health, but unless aid is nearby, or this “Loviatar’s bane” occurs within a Loviatan religious community (whose members are sworn to care for the infirm, and heal them if at all possible), death is the likely result. This spell has no effect on undead or creatures without nervous systems (such as plant beings, fungi, slimes, jellies, molds, etc.). The material components of a loving pain spell are the caster’s holy symbol and a drop of unholy water.