Lagunaa is a Layer of the Abyss, known to sages as the ninth Layer


This layer of the abyss is a series of circular pools that are still and quiet. The skies above are clear but no stars shine and yet the surface of the pools glimmer ever so slightly drawing the eyes of foolish mortals. The walkways between the pools are slick stone and only a few feet across in most spots.

Those who slake their thirst in the pools soon begin to find themselves pausing more and more often to peer at the pools they pass. Slowly images begin to form, images of their own death, torture of their loved ones and other terrors appear. Soon the drinker believes the images before them are real and so they jump into the pools, sinking beneath their waters which quiet in again in seconds.

Beneath the walkways all the pools are connected in a vast sea where the An-dri swarm. In pitch black there is no sense of up or down so that any other creature is lost forever in the depths. Most don't last more than a few seconds though before they are torn apart in body or their minds succumb as images of hopes are shattered and fears brought forth by the cursed pools. How far the pools go is unknown but some truly horrible beasts are said to reside as one descends, demons older and more ferocious than most others.

Those wise enough to resist drinking from the pools soon find themselves targeted by the denizens of this plane. Above the tiny Urden demons glide endless just over the surface of the pools their sparkling wings reflecting off the surface of the pools while below the An-dri demons crawl forth from the pools their bodies exuding a slippery coating onto the walkways.


The Urden are tiny creatures, a few inches in length. They are black as tar with human faces that sport sharpened teeth. They're normal attacks consist of spitting some of the pools waters they store in a small pouch into the eyes and mouth of wanderers. A pair of needlelike claws adorn their only pair of limbs near their head while the rest of the body stretches out behind like a dragonfly though it's leathery wings are much different than that insect.

The An-dri are much larger than the Urden, standing a little over 4ft. when walking, but they would reach 7ft were they to be fully erect. Their bodies have the shape of a snake with small webbed limbs. Their heads have the form of a crocodile but in their eye sockets there is instead a dowturned antennae that pierces their own flesh. These insidious demons whisper dark secrets across the pools, breaking the silence and sometimes causing the surface to ripple to taunt passerbys.



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