The Inner Planes are the innermost planes of existence. They are the building blocks of the Multiverse, the elements and energies from which all of the material universe, the Prime Plane, is made.

The Inner Planes, the material building blocks of reality and the realms of energy and matter, stand in contrast to the intangible and esoteric Outer Planes, which include the realms of ideals, philosophies, and gods.

the Inner Planes intersect each other to produce a number of other Planes. The best analogy describing their relationship to each other is that of a globe: the northern pole is the Positive Energy Plane, the southern pole the Negative Energy Plane, and at the equator lie the Elemental Planes: Air opposite Earth, Fire opposite Water.

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The Rule of FourEdit

The Outer Planes got the Rule of Threes, but the Inner Planes are a much different place, with different fundamental concepts.

Unity of RingsEdit

Rings're everywhere ... the multiverse has a timeless quality. The Unity of Rings shows this in the way that no matter how you change things ... everything rolls right back around to how it was in the beginning. Start at any point on a ring, keep going, and you wind up at the same place you started! This also states much of the mindset. Folks don't go out of their way to change things (for one, you can't just move cities by belief, like in the Outer Planes, you've gotta move 'em brick by brick!) here in the Inner Planes. People figure that the inertia of the Unity of Rings'll just set things straight eventually.

Rule of FoursEdit

There's four elemental planes, 4 paraelemental planes, twice four quasielemental planes, and half of four energy planes. The number four just seems to happen everywhere in the Inner Planes

Rule of DominanceEdit

Just as an element is dominated and dominates another, there's always somebody who's commanded by a high-up and gives orders to another. Hierarchies are a matter of fact, though as per the Unity of Rings, you'd be hard-placed to find the bottom rung. See, even though a ruler realizes she's dominating her serfs, it's the serfs that have the potential to leave ... and then what'd she rule over? Most people aren't so philosophical, however, and many feel that they were born (or created, in some instances) in their place. Hey, try to tell an earth elemental that the state of mind is what counts, and his elemental substance doesn't matter (and be sure to be protected by magic, as well!)

Rule of OppositionEdit

Seeing as each element's got another diametrically opposed on the Elemental Ring, each person's and each action's got an opposite. Folks of the Inner Planes say this rule applies to the Great Ring in the Outer Planes as well. Each plane on the Ring has an opposing plane right across from it!