Orc Combat sorcerer 1 Chaotic Good age 15 Hair Black eyes Black 6'8" 300lbs

Str 18 (6pts) +4 Int 10 (4pts) Wis 6 -2 Dex 10 (2pts) Con 14 (6pts) +2 Cha 14 (10pts) +2

feats Echew Material combat wizard weapon profiency long sword

Chain Shirt 100 gp AC 14 ff14 touch 10 long Sword +4 1d8+4 19-20 x2 or two handed +4 1d8+6 19-20 x2 15 gp Dagger +4 1d4+4, 19-20 x2 2gp

98gp left

Fortitude +2 (CS +0 CON +2) Reflex 0 (CS +0 DEX +0) Will 0 (CS +2 WIS -2)

Hp 10

t = r + b Concentration 4 = 2 + 2 profession(doorman) 0 = 2 -2 Intimidate 6 = 4 + 2 Appraise 3 = 0+0+3familiar

with Familiar spot 0 = 0 -2 +2 listen 0 = 0 -2 +2

Special Ability Darkvision 60 feet

Language Common, Orc

Spell 4/3 0th level Detect Poison, Resistance, mage hand 1st level Shield

Background: Gror was always an outcast in his tribe, since he his a young boy he appreciates life and never felt at ease with his tribe destroying villages and killing inoccent. He soon discovered he could control arcane magic but never told anybody, they wouldn't have understand anyway. Very early he trained with the weapons of his tribe. For his passage to adulthood Gror had to participate in his first raid on a human village. Gror couldn't kill innocent so during the fight he ran away from the fight but was spotted by many Orc. Gror is now considered a traitor in his tribe and can never come back. Gror now lives among human, and pretend to be an half orc (He is actually pretty for an Orc and can easily pass for an half orc) Gror always wear a long cloak to hide his features as much as possible during daylight when he moves in the town.

Gror currently work as a bouncer in a local tavern and live an a very small appartement on top of it (Feel free to decide which city) Nobody knows about his magical power, he never do any public display. He actually don't feel at ease with his power yet and feel much more like a fighter than a spell caster. Gror his quite social and his well known by the customers. He prefers to work at night where it is more difficult to notice his features

Familiar Vrog the Raven HP 5, init +2, speed 10 fly 40, AC 15, base attack +0, +4 claw 1d2-5, Low light vision, Fort +2, Reflex +4, Will +4, Str 1, Dex 15, con 10, int 6, Wis 14, Cha 6, Listen +3, spot +5, Intimidate +2, Weapon finesse. speaks common. improved evasion, share spell, empathic link.

Gror usually rely on Vrog for his spot and listen check.