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School Transmutation (Fire)
Level Sor/Wiz 1
components V,
casting time 1 action
range Close
target All nonmagic gems or crystals of Tiny size or smaller within a 15 ft. radius
duration Instantaneous
saving throw Fortitude negates (object) and Reflex half (see text)
spell resistance Yes (object)

This spell causes all nonmagic gems or rock crystals (such as quartz) within its range to explode, destroying them. The exploding gems deal damage to all creatures nearby. Half this damage is piercing and half is fire. The size of the gem determines the amount of damage and the size of the blast, according to the following table.

Size Damage Explosion Radius Fine 1 0 (same square only) Diminutive 1d2 5 ft. Tiny 1d4 10 ft.

Creatures in the explosion area can attempt a Reflex save to reduce the explosion damage by half. Multiple gems in close proximity are treated as a single larger gem for the purpose of the effects of this spell. For example, a diamond ring with ten Fine stones is treated as a single Diminutive gem rather than ten Fine gems, and a Diminutive bag filled with Fine gems is treated as a single Diminutive gem. An item with a gem inset (such as a jeweled ring) is not destroyed by the exploding gem unless the damage from the explosion would destroy it. A collection of Tiny gems explodes in 10-foot burst for 1d6 points of damage.

The spell has no effect on noncrystal stones or magic items. If cast on a creature made of crystal (such as a gemstone golem from Monsters of Faerûn) it takes 1d4 points of damage per caster level (maximum 5d4) and deals damage to nearby creatures as if it were a Tiny gem. The target creature gets a Fortitude saving throw to negate all effects of the spell.

A 4th-level variant of this spell, Gharradin's slow gemfire, causes gems to explode 1 or more rounds after the spell is cast, similar to using the Delay Spell feat (this variant deals a maximum of 15d4 points of damage to a crystalline creature).

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