Type Aberration
Subtype Beholderkin
Location Cold hills

A gauth, sometimes referred to as a lesser beholder, is a 4' wide beholderkin that feeds on magic as well as flesh. They have six eyestalks, one of which is used to drain magic from items, along with four feeding tendrils that sprout from the top of its body. The most obvious feature of a gauth is that its central eye, which stuns and affects the viewer's mind, is surrounded by a ridge of flesh and many small eyes used for sight. A gauth is a rapacious and tyrannical creature that seeks to exact tribute from anything weaker than itself, and often attacks adventurers merely to acquire their wealth.

A Gauth has four strong tentacles along it's undercarriage.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The rays of a gauths six eyestalks have effects similar to the spells dispel magic, inflict moderate wounds, ray of exhaustion, scorching ray, and sleep or paralysis. They also posses the ability of darkvision up to 60'.

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