Writing poisons any who read it but designated creature. Necromancy [Poison, Language-Dependent] Level:Brd 5, Sor/Wiz 5 Components:V, S, M Casting Time:10 minutes Range:Touch Target:1 oz. vial of ink Duration:1 hour/level; see text Saving Throw:None; see text Spell Resistance:No You imbue the target ink with powerfully poisonous energy. If the ink is used during the duration of the spell, any writing produced with it is permeated with the energy. Once written and the ink dried, this effect is permanent. At the time the spell is cast, you may designate up to one unique creature per level that is immune from the effects of the poisonous script. Anything written with the ink after the duration of the spell expires is normal script. Once the ink dries, anyone reading the text other than you or a designated creature is immediately exposed to a magically created ingestion poison. The poison has a Fortitude DC equal to 10 + Ω your caster level + your relevant ability modifier. The initial and secondary damage of the poison are death. Merely looking at the text does not trigger the effect. It is only triggered if the creature actually reads the writing. Some shady spellcasters have been known to write their spellbooks entirely in forbidden script.

Material Component:

A mixture of aged bloody-

berry juice and wyvern blood with a total value of at least 250 gp that is mixed with the ink at the time of casting.