Realm of Adventure Wiki

Focal Stone

School Transmutation
Level Sor/Wiz 5
components V,S,M
casting time 1 minute
range touch
target one gemstone
duration permanent until discharged
saving throw wil neg(object)
spell resistance yes(object)


You transform the target gem so it is capable of storing magic in the manner of an attuned gem. On your next turn, you or another spellcaster can cast a spell into the gem, transforming it into an attuned gem. The gem and spell must meet all the criteria of the Attune Gem feat and gem magic. The person casting the spell to be stored must spend XP as if a potion were being created with the Attune Gem feat.

Unlike the Attune Gem feat, using this spell causes the gem to glow with a soft internal radiance (insufficient to light an area but enough to notice the gem in a shadowy or dark room). Also, the only way to release the stored spell is to shatter the gem (a standard action). A successful dispel magic against your caster level causes this spell and the stored spell to dissipate harmlessly.

Material Component

A pinch of any sort of opal dust.