Elmara's Lesser Spin Cycle

School Evocation
Level Sor/Wiz 3
components V, S
casting time 1 standard action
range Medium
target One creature or object, size medium or smaller
duration Special (see below)
saving throw Yes
spell resistance Yes


The caster is able to produce a strong vortex of wind around a single target, spinning it around like a top. This has a magnificent effect when used on clothes, but has nefarious side effects when used on living creatures.


The targeted creature or object (of size no greater than medium) is spun around like a top helplessly for a moment. The creature may attempt to grasp a fixed object or surface they can hold on to (such as a rock wall with crevices the character can grasp, or a pillar) up to 10 feet away, and be allowed a reflex save to negate the effects of the spell.

The object or the creature and any clothing articles it might be wearing at the time are thoroughly cleansed, as per an Emily's Bar of Soap spell with a spellcraft check of 15. The creature or object then falls down, lying prone if appropriate and possible.

The target must also make a fortitude save (at -4) or become dazed for two rounds.

Solid, nonflexible objects and constructs are instead subject to 2d6 points of structural damage. Fabric and dresses are flexible enough to not suffer any damage whatsoever.

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