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Draeden Colossal Outsider (Chaotic, Extraplanar, Psionic) Hit Dice: 101d8+4,545 (4,999 hp) Initiative: +15 Speed: Fly 1,800 ft. (360 squares)(perfect) Armor Class: 119 (-8 size, +7 Dex, +60 natural, +20 insight, +30 divine), touch 59, flat-footed 112 Base Attack/Grapple: +101/+162 Attack: Bite +104 melee (10d10+67/19-20 plus 1d6 and DC 105 Fort save or die) Full Attack: Bite +104 melee (10d10+67/19-20 plus 1d6 and DC 105 Fort save or die) Space/Reach: 1,000 ft./300 ft. Special Attacks: Engulfing maw, forbidding appearance, master of magic, master of psionics, swallow whole Special Qualities: Damage reduction 25/epic, darkvision 20 miles, fast healing 200, immunities, rebound attack, spell resistance 130, telepathy 20 miles Saves: Fort +101, Ref +63, Will +101 Abilities: Str 100, Dex 25, Con 100, Int 50, Wis 50, Cha 50 Skills: Appraise +124, Autohypnosis +134, Balance +17, Bluff +124, Climb +149, Concentration +149, Decipher Script +124, Diplomacy +144, Disguise +20 (+30 acting), Hide +95, Intimidate +134, Jump +857, Knowledge (arcana) +124, Knowledge (history) +124, Knowledge (nature) +134, Knowledge (psionics) +134, Knowledge (religion) +124, Knowledge (the planes) +124, Listen +124, Move Silently +111, Psicraft +134 (+144 power stones), Search +124, Sense Motive +124, Spellcraft +134 (+144 scrolls), Spot +124, Survival +124 (+134 following tracks, +134 in aboveground natural environments, +134 on other planes), Swim +149, Tumble +121, Use Magic Device +124 (+144 scrolls), Use Psionic Device +124 (+134 power stones) Feats: Automatic Quicken Spell (×3), Cleave, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Devastating Critical (bite), Enlarge Spell, Epic Fortitude, Epic Prowess, Epic Reflexes, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Sunder, Epic Will, Exceptional Deflection, Great Cleave, Heighten Spell, Hold the Line, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Knock-Down, Overwhelming Critical (bite), Power Attack, Power Critical, Quicken Spell, Spellcasting Harrier, Superior Expertise, Superior Initiative, Weapon Focus (bite) Environment: Unknown outer plane Organization: Solitary or cluster (2-20) Challenge Rating: 110 Treasure: Decatuple Standard (gems) Alignment: Always chaotic Advancement: 102+ HD (Colossal) Level Adjustment: —

A massive tube drops down from the sky, ending in a titanic circular maw. The other end is far beyond sight, stretching above the clouds.

Draeden are among the most ancient and enigmatic of all entities. These massive beings appear to predate many of the outer planes, and are rumored to be descended from beings that existed long before all the deities currently venerated around the multiverse.

Draedens dislike all matter, whether elemental, astral, or ethereal in origin. They devour anything smaller than a planet they encounter. They prefer to wander the depths of perfect vacuum.

Draedens are solitary creatures, and only around 1,000 are believed to still exist.

An entire draeden is too vast for even epic-level characters to have meaningful encounters with, but they can interact with some of its feeding tube appendages.

The statistics given above represent the mouth-end of a single feeding tube. A draeden has a central body at least 2 miles in diameter and its 50 feeding tubes are 10 miles long or more. A draeden's weight is immeasurable.

Draedens communicate telepathically with any creature within 20 miles.

COMBAT A draeden's forbidding appearance is so terrifying that most creatures do not dare to attack it. They attempt to bite any opponents foolish enough to get close enough, attacking others with devastating magic and psionics. The draeden will not swallow an opponent that appears powerful enough to cause it internal injury, but will attack such foes repeatedly until they are destroyed. Its three Automatic Quicken Spell feats allow the draeden to cast a quickened spell every round, with a spell level up to 9th. It chooses whichever spell its phenomenal intelligence judges is the most appropriate to the circumstances.

If somehow seriously threatened, a draeden uses magic to escape to a distant plane.

Engulfing Maw (Ex): As part of an attack or full attack action, a draeden can stretch its vast maw to cover an area 150 feet in diameter anywhere within its Reach. All creatures within the affected area must make a DC 67 Reflex save to avoid being scooped into the creature's expanded, open mouth and swallowed. See Swallow Whole, below, for the consequences of being swallowed by a draeden. The save DC is Dexterity-based.

Forbidding Appearance (Su): A draeden projects a horrifying image into the minds of all those who look on it; anyone looking at a draeden perceives instead an invincible foe brought forward from their deepest nightmares. The victim must make a DC 80 Will save or flee in panic for 1d4+1 rounds. Even if they save, the creature must succeed on a DC 80 Will save in order to make an attack or cast a spell at the draeden. Those that successfully interact with the draeden gain a DC 80 Will save to pierce the illusion, allowing them to act normally. This is a phantasm and fear effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Immunities: A draeden is immune to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters its form. Any shape-altering powers the draeden might have work normally on itself. It is immune to mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). They cannot be affected by effects that imprison or banish them. Such effects include banishment, binding, dimensional anchor, dismissal, imprisonment, repulsion, soul bind, temporal stasis, trap the soul, and turning and rebuking.

A draeden is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage, disease and poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, and death effects. A draeden is also immune to damage from electricity, cold, acid, and disintegration.

Master of Magic (Sp): At will, a draeden may use any arcane or divine spell from any spell list as a spell-like ability. The saving throw DC for such abilities is 30 + spell level (10 + spell level + Charisma bonus). Caster level equals draeden's Hit Dice. A draeden may apply any metamagic feat it possesses to these spell-like abilities as if they were spells. As a result of its Automatic Quicken Spell feats, a draeden may use any spell up to 9th level as a free action. A draeden knows all Epic Spells with a Spellcraft DC up to 135.

Master of Psionics (Ps): At will, a draeden may manifest any psionic power from any power list as a psi-like ability. The saving throw DC for such abilities is 30 + power level (10 + power level + Charisma bonus). Manifester level equals draeden's Hit Dice. A draeden may apply any metapsionic feat it possesses to these psi-like abilities as if they were psionic powers.

Rebound Attack (Su): Whenever a draeden is affected by a weapon, spell, psionic power, or special attack, it can take an immediate action to reproduce that effect against its attacker. The attacker takes the same damage or effect that the draeden takes. If the power or attack allows a save, the attacker may attempt the save at the same DC allowed to the draeden.

Swallow Whole (Ex): By making a successful grapple check, a draeden can try to swallow an opponent it has grappled. Victims of the draeden's Engulfing Maw are automatically swallowed. Once inside, the opponent takes 10d10+45 points of crushing damage plus 8d12 points of acid damage per round and is drawn down the draeden's throat towards a gizzard in its central body. No creature with speed less than 80 ft can climb out of the draeden's maw by making an opposed grapple check; however, a successful grapple check prevents the victim from progressing farther toward the central gizzard. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 60 points of damage to the interior of the draeden (AC 90); if the damage is not done in a single round, the victim must maintain position by winning opposed grapple checks. Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out. A victim will reach the central gizzard if it fails 10 opposed grapple checks in the throat. A victim that reaches the central gizzard takes 50d10+45 bludgeoning and 40d12 acid damage per round. A draeden's interior can hold an effectively limitless number of creatures up to Colossal size.

Orginally appeared in Immortal Rules [DM's Guide to Immortals] (1986).


Draeden stats


Macro-Titanic Aberration

HD: 55,000d8 + 3,850,000 (4,097,500 hit points)

Init: +40 (+12 Dex, +8 Superior Initiative, +20 Divine)

Speed: Fly 4.5 miles (Perfect) (23,760 feet, 4752 squares)

AC: 13,838 (-16,384 size, +12 Dex, +45 Deflection, +20 Divine, +30,135 natural), Touch -16,297, Flat-Footed 13,826

Base Attack/Grapple: +41,250/+41,425

Attack: Bite +24,984 melee (60d10+95/19-20 plus 1d6 damage plus save or die)

Full Attack: 40 Bites +24,984/+24,979/+24,974/+24,969 melee (60d10+95/19-20 plus 1d6 damage plus save or die)

Space/Reach: ~42 miles (220,000 ft.)/28 miles (147,840 ft.)

Special Attacks: Area Melee (4,095 ft.), Improved Grab, Sonic Boom, Spell-Like Abilities, Spells, Swallow Whole

Special Qualities: Amorphous, Blindsight 20 miles, Damage Reduction 6,000/-, Divine Bonus, Fast Healing 3,000, Immunities, Mind's Eye, Spell Resistance 55,030, Vacuum Dweller

Saves: Fort +18,423, Ref +18,365, Will +27,567

Abilities: STR 200, DEX 35, CON 150, INT 101, WIS 100, CHA 101

Skills: Maven + Omnicompetent; all skills +55,023 + ability bonus (except Spellcraft, which is +55,078 after ability bonus)

Feats: Adroit Flyby Attack, Awesome Blow, Cleave, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Eschew Materials, Extend Spell, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Greater Spell Penetration, Heighten Spell, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Counterspell, Improved Critical (Bite), Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improved Rapidstrike (Bite), Improved Snatch, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Large and In Charge, Maximize Spell, Multisnatch, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Rapidstrike (Bite), Silent Spell, Snatch, Spell Penetration, Still Spell, Weapon Focus (Bite), Widen Spell

Epic Feats: Armor Skin x15,000, Automatic Quicken Spell x17, Automatic Silent Spell x17, Automatic Still Spell x17, Blinding Speed x100, Damage Reduction x2,000, Devastating Critical (Bite), Enhance Spell x10, Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Epic Spellcasting, Epic Spell Penetration, Epic Weapon Focus (Bite), Fast Healing x1,000, Ignore Material Components, Improved Combat Casting, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Heighten Spell, Improved Metamagic x11, Improved Spell Capacity x42, Intensify Spell, Multispell x42, Overwhelming Critical (Bite), Polyglot, Spell Knowledge x9 (18 spells total: Banishment, Bestow Curse, Chain Lightning, Dimensional Lock, Energy Drain, Flesh to Stone, Forcecage, Freedom, Imprisonment, Incendiary Cloud, Limited Wish, Mirage Arcana, Project Image, Remove Curse, Shapechange, Stone to Flesh, Trap the Soul, Wish), Spell Opportunity, Spell Stowaway x8 (Foresight, Greater Invisibility, Haste, Moment of Prescience, Rary's Telepathic Bond, Repulsion, Spell Turning, Time Stop), Spellcasting Harrier, Superior Initiative, Tenacious Magic x10 (Foresight, Geas/Quest, Greater Invisibility, Haste, Mind Blank, Moment of Prescience, Protection From Law, Repulsion, Spell Turning, Wall of Force)

Divine Abilities: (from Immortals Handbook: Ascension) Anyfeat, Divine Immensity x14, Divine Sorcery, Maven, Nescient, Omnicompetent, True Seeing

Environment: Outer space, Astral Plane, or other vacuum

Organization: Solitary

CR: 44,638

Treasure: Diamond boulder-orbs in gizzard

Alignment: Always Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil

Advancement: 55,001-65,536 HD (Macro-Titanic), 65,537-110,000 HD (Mega-Fine)

Level Adjustment: ...yeah, right. Are you kidding?!?

Draedens are a fearsome race of beings of unknown origin, which have existed at least as long as all known deities and probably much longer than that. It is thought (by the few who are aware of their existence at all) that they may represent remnants of some previous cycle of deities, or similar godlike entities; whatever else they are, though, they have proven to be exceptionally resilient and powerful on those occasions when they have appeared in this cosmic epoch. They seem to consider the entire multiverse their domain, and few beings are able to challenge them on that point; however, their habit of eating everything material within reach (and strong dislike for matter and energy in general) means that they rarely venture away from areas of total vacuum when they do appear on known planes of existence. Though they rarely disturb beings of the current multiversal age, when they do appear they are all but impossible to stop, and even pantheons of deities have been known to abandon planes entirely rather than face the attacking Draedens. Part of the reason Draedens are so terrifying and powerful is their truly prodigious size- no Draeden is less than 40 miles long, and many are larger still. Being larger than mountains themselves, they are perfectly capable of eating entire landscapes along with all of their inhabitants; the largest Draedens have been known to literally eat entire worlds before being satisfied enough to move away.

A Draeden's rarely-seen natural appearance is bizarre, to say the least. The central body of a Draeden is a bulging sac of stony flesh which is constantly pulsing and roiling with internal motion. Fanning out from opposite ends of the sac are two clusters of massive tentacles bearing mouths on their ends; each cluster has 20 tentacles in it, so the Draeden has 40 total mouths. The central sac is mostly occupied by the creature's stomach, which has internal motion not only from objects and creatures trapped within, but also from the thousands of boulders kept inside to aid digestion by crushing food. These boulders actually comprise the only treasure a Draeden typically carries, as all of them are in fact massive diamonds (typically between 1 and 20 feet in diameter) worn to spherical smoothness by eons of constant grinding and acid. Though the Draeden has no head, it is extremely intelligent thanks to the myriad clusters of well-armored nerve bundles riddling its flesh, a massive neural network spanning most of its form. A Draeden has no eyes, but is far from blind; it has a mysterious sense which lacks the need for light, allowing it to pinpoint the location of every creature or object within 20 miles of its body. the precise mechanism by which this sense operates is unknown, as no known being has ever successfully hidden from a Draeden.

Though the natural appearance (as described above) is terrible indeed, Draedens generate an aura of awesome might similar to that generated by most deities which causes any creature able to view them to see something other than the natural form. Creatures viewing any Draeden tend to see it as the most terrible, powerful monster imaginable to them, whatever that may be (and as long as it doesn't resemble the Draeden's true shape). Most mortals native to Prime Planes, for example, tend to see Draedens as unthinkably enormous dragons; demons, on the other hand, see them as avenging mountain-sized celestials, and so on. Draedens themselves are content to simply behave as they will without regard for incongruences with their appearance in the eyes of lesser entities; to their view, most of those entities are unworthy of notice in any case, or worthy only of being considered as food.

A Draeden's natural size is approximately 4 feet of total length per hit die; thus, the weakest example of the species (as detailed in this entry) is 220,000 feet long, just under 42 miles. This length includes not only the central sac-stomach, but also the tentacle-mouths if stretched out straight, end-to-end. The actual length of the central bulge is about one-tenth the total length, so the Draeden described here has a central sac measuring approximately 4 miles end-to-end.


Draedens, being so huge and so difficult to damage thanks to their enormously high damage reduction, tend to be fearless in combat, simply floating in and sending mouths snapping at anything in range. Typical tactics involve using the racial Epic spell Planetslicer (see below) several times to cut large chunks out of the ground, and then sending in mouths to eat those sliced-off chunks along with everything on or in them. A Draeden never fails to take advantage of its many Multispell feats to use as many spells per round as it can- its Automatic Quicken Spell feats allow it to use every level 0-9 spell it knows as a quickened one, so these and any Epic spells it knows that are cast as swift actions are all fair game for such spell-storms.

A Draeden's natural weapons count as Epic and Chaotic for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction.

Amorphous (Ex): A Draeden does not have fixed organs as do life-forms from the modern cosmic era. As such, it is immune to critical hits, death from massive damage, Sneak Attacks and other precision-based attacks, and Coup-De-Grace attacks.

Anyfeat (Ex): This divine ability gives the Draeden a bonus feat, but the feat is not necessarily set: once per round, as an immediate action, the creature can change the feat to any other. Because of its Nescient ability (see below), the Draeden is allowed to ignore the prerequisites of any feat it takes, and thus there are no limits to the feats it can pick for this special slot except that it may only take one. Because the feat can be changed as an immediate action, it can even (for example) be used to grant bonuses to a saving throw just before the creature makes one, by changing to a feat that grants a bonus to that save type.

Note, however, that if the feat has a lasting-but-not-constant effect (for example, the round-long dodge bonus conferred by use of Combat Expertise, or a spell granted by Spell Knowledge that has a duration longer than Instantaneous), then the Draeden is not allowed to switch the Anyfeat while that effect is still in place. If the Draeden uses Anyfeat to gain Spell Knowledge of a spell with Permanent duration, and casts that spell, then the Anyfeat may not be changed until the spell thus cast has been dispelled. Spells with Instantaneous duration do not limit the creature this way, even if they create real and permanent objects (such as Wall of Stone).

A Draeden typically uses this Anyfeat to duplicate interesting spells it sees its opponents using, via Spell Knowledge, but in a pinch will use it to gain a save bonus or even extra hit points (via Improved Toughness).

Area Melee (Ex): Draedens are so enormous that their natural attacks occupy areas all on their own. A Draeden's Bite deals damage to every creature within a square 4095 feet on a side whose AC is beaten by the Draeden's attack roll, and if the Draeden achieves a critical threat than the threat counts against all of them. Any creature with a base move rate of less than half the area size rounded up to the nearest 5 feet (2050 feet) is too slow to be able to dodge the blow, and is treated as though flat-footed against the attack.

Divine Bonus (Su): Draedens are not deities in the usual sense of the term, but they do share certain qualities with the beings known as deities in the present cosmic configuration. Notably, they have an effective 20 divine ranks, which grants them 20 divine abilities as well as a +20 divine bonus. The divine bonus adds to AC, attack rolls, checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks), difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, or actual spells), initiative, saving throws, and Spell Resistance. This divine bonus is already added in to statistics given in this monster entry.

Divine Immensity (Su): At will, as a standard action, a Draeden can shrink or grow itself by one size category (to a maximum of 14 size categories from its base size). Thus, the Draeden statted out above could grow or shrink itself to anywhere between Large (14 size categories smaller than Macro-Titanic) and Giga-Small (14 size categories larger than Macro-Titanic). Each size change represents a doubling (if the Draeden is increasing its size) or halving (if it is shrinking) of its actual length. As it grows or shrinks, the Draeden's ability scores, speed, size-based AC, attack, Hide, and grapple modifiers, and natural armor bonus change to reflect its new size, but it keeps nearly all of its other abilities (including feats that depend on its ability scores, thanks to its Nescient ability- see below). A Draeden's flight speed always equals triple the standard ground movement rate for a quadruped of its size- and a Draeden with a speed of less than 1000 feet/round loses its Supersonic ability (see below). Also, when a Draeden grows or shrinks, the area associated with its Area Melee ability (see below) likewise grows or shrinks, and once the area goes below about 10 feet the ability is effectively gone (since standard Medium-size creatures in the game have a space of 5 feet, each mouth would only be able to hit one such creature).

For example, a Draeden shrinking to Large size would lose 140 points of STR (making its new score 60), gain 28 points of DEX (making its new score 63), lose 56 points of CON (making its new score 94), lose 133 points of natural armor (making its new natural armor bonus "only" 30,002), and have a speed rating of only 180 feet. By contrast, a Draeden expanding itself to Giga-Small size would gain 140 points of STR (making its new score 340), lose 28 points of DEX (making its new score 10 since DEX loss from size changes can never reduce the score below 10), gain 56 points of CON (making its new score 206), and gain 329 points of natural armor (making its new natural armor bonus 30,464), with a speed rating of 186 miles per move action.

Draedens most often use this to hide from particularly powerful enemies (on the extremely rare occasions that they encounter such) by shrinking down to a size small enough to hide within a cave in an asteroid, for example. Since their natural size is so immense in any case, a Draeden rarely feels the need to become larger, except when it wants to eat something as large as a planet (at size Giga-Small, the creature is over 682,000 miles long, with mouths over 12,700 miles across- easily large enough to gulp up a planet in a few bites). Growing larger is rarely useful for combat purposes, since any creature powerful enough to threaten the Draeden in its natural size would not be significantly hindered by an increase in its size given the relatively miniscule changes this produces in its statistics.

Divine Sorcery (Su): A Draeden has double the normal number of daily spell slots for its caster level.

Immunities (Ex): Draedens are immune to poison, Sleep effects, disease, and paralysis effects.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a Draeden must hit with its Bite attack. If it gets a hold, it automatically deals Bite damage and can attempt to Swallow Whole.

Maven (Ex): A Draeden has maximum ranks in all skills it knows. If a Draeden is trained in a skill, and it is a class skill, then its bonus is equal to its hit dice + the appropriate ability modifier + 23 (divine bonus plus the 3 extra ranks at 1st level). If the skill is a cross-class skill, the Draeden's bonus is equal to half of (its HD + 3), plus 20 for its divine bonus.

Mind's Eye (Su): Those viewing the Draeden must make a Will save (DC 27,580) or see, instead of the Draeden's natural shape, the most terrifying sight they can imagine. Affected creatures become Panicked and attempt to flee; the duration of the effect is 24 hours, but it only affects creatures that can actually see the Draeden- once they are out of sight they become calm again (at least until the massive monster moves back into view). A creature that saves is immune to this effect for 24 hours, and can see the Draeden's natural shape. Creatures which fail the save but are immune to fear do not see the Draeden in its natural form, but do not become afraid either, and may act normally against whatever they think the Draeden is. The save DC is CHA-based.

Omnicompetent (Ex): A Draeden knows all skills. It is considered to be trained in every skill, regardless of what skill a given situation actually calls for. All skills are considered class skills to a Draeden.

Sonic Boom (Ex): Draedens naturally travel faster than the speed of sound, so whenever a Draeden moves within an atmosphere it creates a sonic shockwave as it travels. All creatures within 20 miles of the Draeden when this shockwave is created must make Fortitude saves (DC 135) or become Deaf for 1d4 rounds, and whether or not the save is successful take 10d6 points of Sonic damage. Deaf creatures are immune to the deafness effect of this, but still take the damage. This effect, although nonmagical, is otherwise the equivalent of an Epic spell (in particular, for saving throw purposes it counts as 10th level). The save DC is STR-based.

Spell-Like Abilities: At Will- Dream, Geas/Quest (DC 81), Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport (self only), Plane Shift (self only, no off-target arrival), Sending, Spell Turning; 20/day- Wish (DC 84). Caster level 100th; Save DC (when relevant) 75 + spell level. The save DCs are CHA-based.

Swallow Whole (Ex): A Draeden can attempt to swallow an opponent up to 4 size categories smaller than itself (for a Draeden in its natural size, this means Macro-Medium or smaller) by making a successful Grapple check. Once inside, the opponent takes 120d10 points of crushing damage (from the diamond boulders) plus 20d10 Acid damage (from digestive fluids) per round. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by using Claws or a light Slashing weapon to deal 3,000 points of damage in a single blow (AC 13,806, DR 6,000/- still applies). Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the wound; other swallowed opponents must cut their own way out.

True Seeing (Su): Draedens have constant True Seeing, as the spell except that the range extends to the limit of their senses, and teh effect cannot be dispelled or suppressed (except in an area of Dead Magic, where it is irrelevant anyway).

Vacuum Dweller (Ex): Draedens do not need to breathe, and are not affected by lack of air or other breathing medium. A Draeden is immune to penalties or damage from pressure changes, and can comfortably exist in a total vacuum for an indefinite period of time.

Feats: The Draeden's Devastating Critical feat forces any creature upon which it scores a critical hit to make a Fortitude save (DC 27,625) or die instantly. The save DC is STR-based.

Spells: Draedens cast spells as 100th-level Sorcerers. The save DCs are CHA-based. Their bonus against SR is +106, due to their Spell Penetration feats.

Spell Slots: (12/36/34/34/34/34/32/32/32/32/20/20/20/20/18/18/18/18/16/16/16/16/14/14/14/14/12/12/12/12/10/10/10/10/8/8/8/8/6/6/6/6/4/4/4/4/2/2/2/2/2/2; save DC 75 + spell level)

Epic Spells Per Day: (5,500; save DC 85)

Typical Spells Known: 0- Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Flare, Ghost Sound, Mending, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance; 1st- Grease, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Protection From Law, Shield, True Strike; 2nd- Blur, Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image, Shatter, Spectral Hand, Touch of Idiocy; 3rd- Blink, Displacement, Haste, Nondetection, Ray of Exhaustion, Wind Wall; 4th- Bestow Curse, Confusion, Detect Scrying, Dimensional Anchor, Greater Invisibility, Ice Storm, Remove Curse, Shout; 5th- Break Enchantment, Cloudkill, Feeblemind, Mirage Arcana, Rary's Telepathic Bond, Telekinesis, Wall of Force; 6th- Analyze Dweomer, Antimagic Field, Chain Lightning, Contingency, Disintegrate, Flesh to Stone, Permanent Image, Repulsion, Stone to Flesh; 7th- Banishment, Control Weather, Forcecage, Greater Arcane Sight, Greater Scrying, Insanity, Limited Wish, Project Image, Reverse Gravity, Teleport Object; 8th- Dimensional Lock, Discern Location, Horrid Wilting, Incendiary Cloud, Maze, Mind Blank, Moment of Prescience, Polymorph Any Object, Trap the Soul; 9th- Astral Projection, Energy Drain, Foresight, Freedom, Imprisonment, Mordenkainen's Disjunction, Shapechange, Time Stop, Weird, Wish.

Epic Spells Known: All listed in the Epic-Level Handbook, plus the following: Activate Nodes, Annihilating Revenge, Cosmic Juggernaut, Planetslicer, Supreme Mastery. New Epic spells are detailed in the following post.


A Draeden's gizzard is constantly filled with thousands of boulder-sized diamonds- all that remains of its prior meals after its digestive enzymes and the immense crushing power of its stomach have their way with the food. Each boulder is a perfectly spherical, gem-quality diamond 1d20 feet across, and a Draeden has in its digestive sac 1d10 such orbs per 20 hit dice it has (the "standard" Draeden statted in this entry thus has 2750d10).

While the value of a diamond of this size is not given in standard rules, due to the absurdity of even trying to trade such an enormous prize, a good rule of thumb for determining the value of such a huge gem (for purposes of material components, for example) is 50,000 gp x its volume in feet; thus, a 1-foot wide diamond orb would be worth approximately 26,000 gp, while a 20-foot wide boulder-orb would be worth around 209,000,000 gp. The approximate average value of a typical Draeden's "treasure hoard" (again, going by the example statted above) is thus about 458,386,593,000 (yes, 458 billion) gp.

Some enterprising treasure-hunters with access to spacecraft have made their fortunes seeking out sleeping Draedens floating in the endless gulfs between stars, and stealing a few diamond orbs from within their immense stomachs- though such adventures are obviously frought with peril since they are likely to become meals for the Draedens themselves (particularly if the immense creatures awaken while pillaging is in progress).