Realm of Adventure Wiki

(Enchantment, Invocation)

Level: Wiz 5
Range: Touch
Components: V, S,M
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 5 missiles
Saving Throw: None

Using this spell, the caster can temporarily enchant five missiles with another spell of a level no 

higher than 4th. This spell combines the best aspects of fighters and mages, for they can work in

harmony to maximize both the effects of the spell and the damage of the missile.

   The conduit spell effectively extends the range of the second spell, casting that spell out to 

its full range from the target point when the missile hits the target. Unless otherwise specified

when the spell is cast, the effects of the spell radiate forward from the point the arrowhead


   Missiles affected by this spell must begin to be fired within one turn after the last is 

enchanted, and they will not hold the spells for longer than an hour. Since the missiles are not

specially prepared to hold enchantments for longer, the spells tend to bleed off with the passage

of time.

   The spells cast on the missiles must be separate ones that the caster has memorized that 

day. For example, if a sorceress has memorized conduit and a single fireball, she can place a

fireball only on one of her arrows, not on all five.

   The loaded spells are triggered when the head of the missile strikes something, whether that 

be the target, the ground, a tree, a rock, or whatever. This is good for radius attacks, such as a

fireball, although it does no good for spells such as burning hands or shocking grasp.

   Targets are allowed normal saves against these spells, as if the wizard were right there 

casting the spell. However, if the missile carries the enspelled arrow beyond the spell's normal

range, the wizard has no more control over the spell.

   For example, web and dimension door spells require the caster to manipulate the spell, and 

casters cannot do so unless the range of their spell can reach back to them. Unless such wizards

want to make the necessary calculations before casting the spell into the missile, these spells

usually won't work. If a caster wishes to do so, fine, but this is assuming a lot of faith in the

ability of whoever fires the bow, for the archer must make a successful attack roll against AC 6

(including modifiers for range) to hit the area.

   The casting time does not include the casting time of the loaded spells. The material 

component is a copper wire twisted into the shape of an arrow.