Clangeddin Silverbeard

Title(s) The Father of Battle
The Giantkiller
The Goblinbane
Lord of the Twin Axes
The Rock of Battle
The Wyrmslayer
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Power Level Intermediate deity
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Alignment Lawful good
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Worshipers Dwarves
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Clangeddin Silverbeard (clan-gehd-din sihl-vur-beerd), the dwarven god of battle, war, and bravery. His titles include the Father of Battle and the Lord of the Twin Axes. He delights in battle, although he does not tolerate treachery or deceit, and he expects his followers to do the same. He and his followers hate giants and have trained their fellow dwarves in special ways to fight them.

The domains associated with him are Dwarf, Good, Law, Strength, and War, and his favored weapon is the battleaxe.


Clanggedin's priests wear silver war helms and chain mail. He is worshipped before and during battle and weapons are sacrificed to him in honor.




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