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Level: Wiz or Pr 2
Range: 20' radius
Components: M, S
Duration: 1 turn/level
Casting Time: 2
Area of Effect: One person/level
Saving Throw: Neg.

The elves jealously guard this spell. It allows the mage to instantly and completely hide the 

number of people allowed by the spell, concealing them against even thorough searches. This

spell functions only in the wilderness, however, for it changes the appearance of the affected

characters into a facsimile of natural surroundings. It is effective even against infravision and is

therefore perfect for use by spies and infiltrators. Characters in this form still have all their

faculties and abilities, and they can emerge from this cover at any time they desire.

   It is even possible for characters to move while within this form. Those affected may move 

up to 10 feet in a single round, creeping more closely to their targets. If they travel faster than

this, the spell dissipates. As long as the movement is surreptitious and stealthy ("Look, Thrag!

That bush moving!"), they should be safe. As with the invisibility spell, if the enspelled

characters attack they gain the initiative and a +4 bonus to attack rolls because of total surprise,

yet lose the benefits of the spell.

   The characters cannot be detected except by magic or by moving stupidly. Until the spell 

wears off, the characters can enjoy near-total invisibility and gain much-needed information. The

material component for the spell is a mistletoe berry