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Template:Class Blackguard, also referred to by some as the antipaladin, is a specialized prestige class on Faerûn that epitomizes pure evil. Nothing short of a mortal fiend, they are quintessential black knights, carrying a reputation of the foulest sort. Consorting with demons and devils while serving dark deities, blackguards are hated and feared by all. They usually lead legions of undead, evil outsiders or other monsters to conquer under their own guide. Occasionally guards might end up as wandering purveyors of chaotic destruction, attacking with honorless guile or flat out smiting the forces of good that stand in their way.

Fighters, ex-paladins, rangers, monks, druids and barbarians make for forceful combat-oriented blackguards, while rogues and bards are more likely to stress the subtle aspects of their abilities and spells. Sorcerers, wizards and clerics who become blackguards favor dealing with fiends especially.


Smite Good
Once a day, a blackguard may attempt to smite a good creature with one regular melee attack.
Command Undead
When a blackguard becomes a bit more experienced, he gains the supernatural ability to command and rebuke undead.
Aura of Despair
A blackguard radiates a malign aura that causes enemies within 10' of him to suffer.