Beholderkin is a subcategory of aberrant beholders comprising a very large number of beholder-like creatures. As opposed to the Death Tyrant, Elder Orb, Hive Mother and Orbus described later, which are just variants, these are actually different species to true beholders. Beholderkin have a very wide range of appearances and abilities. Not all share the xenophobia of true beholders; though most are still evil and cruel in nature. Beholderkin are hated by true beholders.

Types[edit | edit source]

This creature stalk-less beholder floats appearing as a harmless rock.
Death Kiss
This creature's eyestalks are replaced with blood-draining tentacles.
Beholder hive shock troopers.
Eye of the Deep
A aquatic subspecies of beholder. It most notable physical change is it's two large clawed arms.
An eyeball is a tiny beholderkin with four eye stalks.
A Gauth is a subspecies of beholders specifically bred to combat spellcasters.
This is a variant bred to stalk and kill normal beholders.
The ultimate lackey caste of beholder society,
A Observer is one of the most socially adept of the beholder family.
these are a genetically bred or stunted and immature form of beholder.
An overseer resembles a large, fleshy tree with mouths on its trunk and eyes on its branches.
A spectator is an extraplanar beholderkin with four eye stalks.
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