Aygisthos is a Layer of the Abyss, known to sages as the ninth Layer

The Wreckage is a plane of the abyss that mirrors the nightmare of elves and most fey of a industrialized world where there are no trees or any living creatures.


The two demon lords that rule this place are rarely seen outside of their temples. The sky is always dark and cloudy and when it rains, only oil falls. The entire plane is covered in buildings, factories, and wasted battle fields littered in machine parts. Several Demon Lords have attempted to enter the abysmal layer only to be forced back by swarms of insect like constructs that belch smoke and flames. Some say these creatures are a new race of demons, others say they are just creatures crafted by the local denizen of the layer used to defend upon intrusions. The Wreckage is split into districts which are populated by a mixture of demons, Manes, and Tieflings. But in current day both of the Lords have started a power struggle for who is the true master. Cults of tieflings, humans, and manes as well as demons fight the war depending on what the priest of the lords themselves say to the masses.


The population of The Wreckage is varied by district. In the Mechanic's District both demons and tieflings gather to construct machines in the names of their lords. But due to current situations of the power struggle the mechanic's district is mostly shattered between factions. The merchants ward is full of business as it teleports through out the layer on a whim.



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