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Awaken from Afar

School Evocation
Level Sor/Wiz 5, Cleric 6, Druid 6
casting time 1 action
range medium
target One spell trigger activation item
duration Instantaneous
saving throw none
spell resistance no


An awaken from afar spell allows you to use a spell trigger item without actually touching the item. The item to be activated must be within the range of the awaken from afar spell, and it functions as though you yourself were triggering it from its current position. All other conditions, such as the requirement that you have the spell on your spell list or if the item's enchantment restricts its use to a particular race or individual, still apply. Both you and the item to be activated have to be on the same plane. The item cannot be in the possession of another creature at the time of activation, and it must be an item that you have previously triggered normally, without the aid of an awaken from afar spell.

Magic Item

Ring of Spell Triggering-This ring allows the wearer to continually utilize the effects of the spell awaken from afar.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, awaken from afar; Market Price: 90,000 gp.