Awaken Ooze

School transmutation; Level sorcerer / wizard 8 _______________________________________________________________________________ CASTING _______________________________________________________________________________ Casting Time 24 hours Components V, S, M (platinum bauble worth 2,000 gp,) DF _______________________________________________________________________________ EFFECT _______________________________________________________________________________ Range touch Area ooze touched Duration Instantaneous Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes _______________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION _______________________________________________________________________________ Similar to the awaken spell, awaken ooze grants humanlike sentience to an ooze. For the spell to succeed, you must make a Will save (DC 10 + the target’s HD). The awakened ooze is indifferent toward you, feeling no particular debt of gratitude for its condition. You can command it, however, forcing it to perform a certain task if you win an opposed Charisma- check. If you win the check, the ooze obeys your instructions for 1 minute, then reverts to its indifferent attitude. An awakened ooze gains the aberration type but keeps all of the characteristics of the ooze type except immunity- to mind-affecting effects. (Since it now has a mind, it is no longer immune to such effects.) It gains new Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of 3d6. It gains skills and feats according to its new type: skill ranks equal to 2x its new Intelligence modifier +1 per Extra Hit Die-, and a number of feats as if it were of a character level equal to its HD. An awakened ooze can speak one language that you know, plus a number of additional languages that you know equal to its intelligence modifier (if any.)