Animate Mist

School Transmutation
Level Sor/Wiz 0,
components V,S,M
casting time 1 action
range Short
target Effect-20-foot + 1-foot per level cube of mist or fog
duration 1 round/level
saving throw None
spell resistance No

This spell allows a wizard to shape a dense mist or fog into any shape within the confines of the area of effect and animate it .

The details of the shape and the complexity of the animation are poor at lower wizard levels, but increase with experience. A 1st-level wizard may be able to make a humanoid shape of a given size, but couldn't make it look like a dwarf. Similarly, he couldn't animate it, but could displace it within the spell's range. By third level, the wizard could animate the shape to the point where it would resemble a dwarf (but not a particular dwarf.

Material Component

A bit of dense mist, fog or smoke.

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