Abyssal Destruction

School Evocation
Level Sor/Wiz 5, Clr 5
components V, S, M, F
casting time 1 action
range Medium (100 ft.+10 ft./level)
effect Target-1 creature+1 creature/level
duration Instantaneous
saving throw Reflex (half)
spell resistance Yes

The caster holds his fingers forward, is if clutching air in front of him and a chaotic surge of power shoots forth from his hand. The chaotic surge often takes different forms everytime it's cast, a glowing red or flaming bolt of lightening, a massive flaming skull, a glowing sphere of blood, but always does the same amount and type of damage. When the creature is struck, it takes 4d10 points of fire, sonic, electricity and acid damage, 1d10 per damage type. This destructive force may also strike others around the target, depending on how close they are to it(within 20 feet). But if there are more targets then the spell will affect within range of the original target, the caster will choose who it does affect, and if less, it affects everyone in range even if it is only the primary target. This spell also damages objects and terrain around the target.

Material Component

A drop of blood pricked from the casters finger


A lit candle

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